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September 2020


Pax Art Award 2020

The Art Foundation Pax has awarded us this year's main prize of the Pax Art Award for digital art.

In cooperation with the HeK, Haus der Electronic Künste Basel, the foundation honors and promotes with this prize a media-specific practice of Swiss artists whose works use media technology. The prize is endowed with CHF 30.000, divided into the purchase of a work for the Art Foundation Pax collection and financial support for the realization of a new project, which will be shown in an exhibition at the HeK in 2021.

We are very happy about this award! is back online


20 years ago, our Hotel Vue des Alpes went online and opened its guest rooms on the Internet. Many tourists have since visited the digital region and enjoyed their virtual holidays in the digitally rendered Alps. However, for the last couple of years the site had to be taken down for technical reasons.

Today we are proud to announce the re-opening of !

Website and player have been re-programmed from scratch. The new site is no longer dependent on the outdated Flash player, so now you can access it with your smartphone!

What's more, we have given the interface a contemporary touch without throwing the look-and-feel of the former website overboard. Don't worry, you still can get the nostalgic sensation of a web project of the early Internet area: we carefully tried to maintain the dusty atmosphere of the original Vue des Alpes from 2000, but with an up-to-date engine under the hood.

And as always you can book one of the nine hotel rooms for free and enjoy 3 relaxing days in the fictitious landscape.

We are looking forward to having you back as our guest!


"T.R.I.P. for Mobile" Android App


"T.R.I.P. for Mobile"

The social confinements and isolation of the last weeks make a lot of people think about their current life situation. We are no exception to that.
As a comment to our necessary overuse of communication devices we just finished the "T.R.I.P. for Mobile" Android app, a new addition to our 2009 FOWDIB project.
The mobile app version and the documentary were created for the online project "100 ways to live a minute" of the Pushkin Museum XXI, Moscow.


Video: Introduction to the T.R.I.P. programme

T.R.I.P. for mobile

Download the App for Android Smartphone

Online Project: "100 ways to live a minute"

Pushkin Museum XXI, Moscow