Studer / van den Berg

February 2019


What you see above is a screenshot from our new project.
It is a VR installation, based on photogrammetry and the delightful errors which derive from working with consumer equipment and software.
The installation is scheduled for June 19, in a group show at Predigerkirche, Basel, and we are currently working on the imagery and the VR software.
There will be more information on this site in a couple of weeks.


new catalogues:

Collectionner l'art numérique

Tome 2, 2007-2018

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ISBN 978-2-37896-019-3

Medienkunst in der Schweiz
Pioniere, Bastler, Provokateure

Media Art in Switzerland
Pioneers, Tinkerers, Provocateurs

Dominik Landwehr, Migros Kulturprozent (Hg./ed.)
Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel, 2018
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Blooming Signals

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Kunst- und Wanderführer

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