Series of 9 apps for Android
from photogrammetric 3D data
generative real-time 3D programming (AGK)
installed on Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
10.5" display, 1920 x 1200 px
Edition of 5 expl.

For the reality check series, various objects were set up in the studio space on a white surface and digitized using photogrammetry. The photogrammetry technique uses many single camera shots around an object to calculate a spatial digital model, which then can be used in a virtual 3D surrounding. The still lifes, each a combination of digital device, tool, theory book, art catalogue, textile, fruit, or object of sentimental value, were set up and arranged in our studio space during the time of the covid lockdown.
When opened in the app, the camera view follows a program controlled path. This path, on which the camera rotates around the still life, is random generated in realtime; it never repeats.