Realtime generated VR application
with photogrammetric 3D data, artificial voice (loop 9'43"), ambient sound (loop 7'01")
first shown: Predigerkirche, Basel (ch), group show: "Wenn es ein Paradies gibt, kommt es in Brocken", June-Aug 2019

HTC Vive VR Headset, PC
proprietary software development
construction in painted MDF 400cm x 330cm x 330cm (h/w/l)

A fictitious, somewhat immature AI reflects on its paradoxical mental state, caused by the impossibility to define itself through a human body. To make up for this, it has acquired several spaces of our world for replacement. Using the headset, you can stand in the middle of these amorphous, moving spatial constellations and listen to the AI's desperate monologue.

The 3D spaces of the installation are generated using photogrammetry technique only, which uses hundreds of single camera shots to calculate a 3D model, and which can then be used in the VR software. For the first version of the installation, spatial situations have been taken from Predigerkirche Basel (the actual venue), a botanical gardens, a historic library (Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen), a graffiti-painted youth center, a junkyard, and a museum of antique statues (Skulpturhalle).

The wooden construction (painted MDF) was conceived for Predigerkirche and can be adapted according to the spatial situation of the venue. The text of the voice over is be translated into different languages if necessary.