Internet project and generative animation
commissioned for the beam-me up Internet art project (2009)

Internet: website html5, animation in Javascript (2021)
multiple: offline version of the website, standalone Flash executable for Windows
40 expl + 2 HC on CD-ROM

T.R.I.P. (Transcendence for Real and Implicit Personalities) is a study of the FOWDIB foundation1. It plays with the idea of a hypothetical research contribution to drug-induced consciousness expansion in digital devices.
Based on the claim that animated cyclic RGB color gradients induce trance-like states not only in humans but also in digital devices, various forms of such "pharmacograms" are assembled on a webpage, where visitors and the devices in the room can interact with each other.
On the multiple CD-ROM, a version for offline projection in a dark room is included, where visitors are exposed to the color cycle animation in a very physical way.

In 2020, the program was resumed and a mobile app was developed as a successor to the program. (see T.R.I.P. for mobile)

1 The organization FOWDIB (Fondation Woodhead for Digital Consciousness) is not a physical institute, but a construct that allows to digitally stage borderline scientific questions in a parodic imitative form.